1. Will you illustrate my picture book?

I am open to all freelance illustration queries. Please see my Contact Page.

If you are a self-publishing writer, unfortunately, I can not illustrate your book. I am only able to take work offered by publishers. If you are a writer and need to find an illustrator for your manuscript, first send it to a publisher, and they will find an illustrator for you.

2. I have a kids book I wrote but I don’t know what to do now. Can you tell me what or who I should contact?

One thing I would highly recommend if you are serious about writing children's books is to join the SCBWI (The Society of Children's Books Writer and Illustrators)- at scbwi.org. They have tons of rescources and info on how to get published. They have great local chapters in most places and great conferences. You can find critique groups where other authors can give you a good critique. You can find out about it at scbwi.org

Usually publishers find illustrators to go with a picture book manuscript. So when your manuscript is all ready, you send it with a query letter out to publishers. You can find lots of info on how to do this through the SCBWI. If you find a publisher who wants to publish your manuscript, then they will find an illustrator that matches your story and style of writing. I usually always work through publishers.

3. Can I Interview You?

Yes! Please send requests via email. Please make sure you give me plenty of time to send you an answer (one day is not an appropriate amount of time) and let me know when you need my answer.

4. Can you come visit our school?

Yes! Please send all requests via email.

5. Can I use the artwork you have already created for free for my non-profit organization?

No, sorry. If you would like to use any of my artwork, please contact me and we via email, and we will negociate a price. Just as you would not walk into a store and say, "I work for a non-profit organization, so can I have your product for free?" so it is also inappropriate to ask for my artwork for free. My artwork is copyrighted, and it is illegal to use it without my consent.

6. Will you draw a picture for me?

I am open to all freelance illustration queries. Please see my Contact Page.

I generally do not have time for commissions on top of my regular work load.  I do have a wide range of prints available in my print shop that are available for purchase.

7. How does one get started as a children's book illustrator?

This question is answered here in this blog post!

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