Friday, February 28, 2014

SCBWI Conference and Beyond, My Trip Part 1: People and Places #NY14SCBWI

Greetings friends out in Internet Land! You may have wondered why it has been a month since I have posted anything. Well, I've been hard at work preparing for the New York SCBWI Winter Conference!

 Here is a brief recap of some of the people and places I saw on my trip! There will be a part 2 where I share a few things I learned on my trip! There's lots of great hyperlinks in this post, so click on the link and discover some great illustrators and great places to visit!

I met some awesome illustrators that I have always admired! Some illustrators from the conference to follow: Paul O. Zelinski, Peter Brown, Brett Helquist (fellow BYU graduate), Tomie dePaola, Oliver Jeffers, Marla Frazee, Raul Colon, and Shadra Strickland.

I had the opportunity to see some beautiful artwork, both in New York and in Massachusettes. In New York, I had the opportunity to go to an exhibit at the New York Public Library called The ABC of It: Why Children's books matter. There was some great picture book art there, including some artwork by one of my favorite classic illustrators, Arthur Rackham

In Massachusettes, I had the privilege of going to the Norman Rockwell Museum. There I was able to see many beautiful works of art by Norman Rockwell. I also got to see some beautiful artwork by Ruth Sanderson, one of my favorite children's fairy tale illustrators!

I got to visit some great exhibits and museums that had to do with illustration and literature! As I mentioned above, I visited the exhibit called The ABC of It: Why Children's books matter in New York. 

In Connecticut I got to visit Harriet Beecher Stowe's house, and Mark Twain's House- both great figures in the world of literature!

If you live nearby any of these places, go take advantage of these great opportunities and visit them!

The best part was being with great friends and family! 

Before the conference, I connected with some friends from The Oatley Academy: Kevin Scarborough and Brendan Reglunski

During the conference I met up with lots of friends I have met on the internet which was really fun! I hung out with my good illustrator friends from Utah: Manelle Oliphant, Sherry Meidell, and Bethanne Anderson

After the conference, I met up with my sister Bethany, and she took me around Connecticut and Massachusettes! Ah, what a great trip!


Joyeeta Neogi said...

Wow..that sounds Sooo Exciting and interesting! And Awesome illustrators :-) Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Will look forward to your next post!


Wow Shawna, what a whirlwind of a trip; I'm quite jealous. I did my NY intership with Paul Z. He is an amazingly humble and gracious man. I hope you can share some of your "take-aways" here or on FB.

You're a great inspiration, keep it up.