Friday, November 01, 2013

Rosie The Reindeer Funded on Kickstarter!

This is a screen shot of the Rosie The Reindeer Kickstarter from this morning! Rosie the Reindeer is a book I illustrated about 3 years ago for self publishing author Chantell Taylor. The book was never published because of lack of funds. Earlier in October, Chantell started a Kickstarter.  I helped promote the project. Much to my amazement the project has funded! The project only has a few hours to go, so if you still want a chance to get your guaranteed copy of Rosie the Reindeer, jump in and back the project. I want to thank everyone who has helped back this project. It will be wonderful to finally see the book published since I worked so hard on it! Feeling grateful!

Here is the link to the project:

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Tracy Campbell said...

Shawna, looks like another hit.
Love your art! :-)