Monday, October 14, 2013

This Day Was Really Not Going Well for Poor Brunhilda! Another Illustration for My Book!

This day was really not going well for poor Brunhilda.

Here is another illustration from my personal book project!

Stay tuned, I am going to make a little Youtube video explaining my process on this. When I asked for some questions a little while ago, a couple people said they want to know a little bit more about my process, so I will try and get that done soon.

Fun fact! A couple weeks ago, I got a Yiynova MSP19U tablet monitor. I LOVE it!!! It's so much easier to get accurate lines with this than my old Wacom Bamboo stylus. I would highly recommend this to anyone especially if you are wanting to use something very close to a cintiq, but don't want to have to pay the money. (Link below).


maryn said...

This book is turning out so great Shawna!

Anni Matsick said...

Fantastic piece. Love the cat enjoying the ride!

Heather said...

The way you have made her skirt is incredible! I adore it! The colors are so vibrant and your use of light and shadow leaps off the page!