Friday, September 20, 2013

"Then one night, the cat made plenty of trouble." Process to final!


Black and White thumbnail

Tight Pencil Drawing

Black and White Study

Color Studies

Final Painting!

"Then one night, the cat made plenty of trouble."

Here's a piece I did for a book I wrote and am illustrating, process to finish! More to come soon!


Tracy Campbell said...

Shawna, love reading and viewing your process. Super! :-)

Javi said...

This just proves to me how important values are for any kind of painting. Beautiful work, my dear; I look forward to seeing more.

Shawna Tenney said...

Thanks so much, Tracy and Javi!

Rob Smith said...

Better late than never to leave a comment. Your work looks good! I love that you do a bunch of color comps. I need to more of those myself.