Thursday, August 15, 2013

Be a Vis Dev Children's Illustrator!

I am having lots of fun on my personal project!! I want to make sure I am doing all the prep work to make sure it's the best book I can make! I've learned a lot this year from Visual Development/Concept Artists about the importance of planning. My goodness, before this year, I had no idea what "Vis Dev" even meant!

As Seth Godin would put it in his book Linchpin- this is "thrashing." It's important to thrash (or do all the exploring, bad work, and planning) at the beginning of the project or you will be doing bad thrashing at the end of your project (with bad results). Thrashing at the beginning will make everything much better in the long run. How will you know if you have the best solutions unless you explore many of them?

Above is what I finally came up with for my characters. I decided to make Sculpey maquettes of the characters to use for reference- lighting and angles etc. The proportions are not exact, but it gives me a good reference anyway. I will probably paint them soon. I am also going to post a video soon of how I made them. I also started doing some color studies of the main character- Brunhilda. This is so much fun, I am loving this!


Russ Cox said...

Excellent post as always. I really need to try Sculpey sometime.

Shawna Tenney said...

Thanks Russ! And yes, you should! I'd love to see what you come up with!