Friday, May 17, 2013

Use Pinterest to Gather Reference and Inspiration as an Artist!

Here's a video I made to inspire artists to use Pinterest to gather reference and inspiration!


Tracy Campbell said...

Hi Shawna,
I don't usually watch videos, but your title captured my attention. I'm so glad I watched yours. You did a fabulous job of explaining why and how artists should be in Pinterest. You've inspired me to give it a try. Now, to find the time. Sigh. :-)

Shawna Tenney said...

Thanks Tracy, I'm new at this video thing, so I really appreciate your encouraging words. Don't be afraid of Pinterest, just start out small, and just gather a little bit at a time!

Tracy Campbell said...

You're most welcome, Shawna. You really did do a bang up job. I'm definitely keeping your post. It's not that I'm afraid of Pinterest, it's really about finding time. Sometimes I think I have to go all out, but I think you're right, start small. :-)