Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New finished painting and the process!

©2012 Shawna JC Tenney

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today I want to share my new illustration and the process I went through to get to the final. I did this illustration as part of Chris Oatley's Painting Drama 1 class. His new painting drama independent study course is now open for enrollment here. Chris teaches tools that will help you have beautiful dynamic compositions and will help you understand what needs to be fixed. You learn from the masters of art history- which is awesome! The process which you see here was guided by Chris, but is individual to me. He doesn't teach you how to draw like him, but rather gives you the tools to make your compositions strong in your own style. I've never learned composition in the way he teaches, and I am so glad I took his class! I highly recommend this course if you want to learn how to successfully tackle any project you are working on with a fabulous dramatic outcome.

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