Monday, November 05, 2012

Better Art Week Day 1

In an art group I am part of, some of us are doing an experiment for one week. In the experiment, we are setting our own personal goals to make a really great art week. I am also setting goals to have a better schedule and well rounded life including taking care of my physical and spiritual well-being. I am really working on only checking my email at certain times of the day and getting in as much work time as I can fit in. Part of my art goals is to take a little time every day either to do a daily warm-up sketch, or to break down a piece of artwork structurally. Today I decided to break down a scene from a movie. This one is from the beginning of Enchanted. I am going to try to report ever day this week on how my progress is going.


Starexai (Edward Charles Thomas III) said...

Looking great! I love the start of this process. I cannot wait to see more! Have a great day Shawna!

Shawna said...

Thanks, Edi! And happy day and week to you too!