Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pinterest is Helpful for Artists

Lately I have discovered Pinterest is very helpful for my art to gather images and information in one place that I can access easliy. It is also nice that it doesn't take up memory on my computer. I am taking an awesome class called Painting Drama from Chris Oatley. As part of our class we have been studying classic art and illustration to better understand elements of composition. So I've found Pinterest to be very useful to gather classic art and illustration. If you are an artist, here are some of my boards that might interest you:

Middle Grade Illustration 
Kids Art lessons ideas
Children's books I love
Inspiring Art and Writing Books
Classic Illustration
Fairy Tales
Beautiful Art
Character Design
Color Pallets
Interesting Places for Interest
Picture Book Illustration
Color and Light Environment Paintings

One thing to remember if you want to use Pinterest is that you need to take it a little bit at a time. Don't try to do it all at once, or it will be a huge time eating monster.

If you are curious how I gathered images on Pinterest, here are some ways:

First of all, I have a "Pin It" button on the tool bar of my internet browser. You can get this from the Pinterest website. Then when I see things I want to gather in my boards (images or websites I want to remember), I hit the pin it button, choose a board, and it will pin to my board on Pinterest. I use this method a lot for gathering art lessons for kids from my favorite art teaching websites.

I also look up specific artist names directly on Pinterest in the search bar. For example, I typed in N.C. Wyeth and found a bunch of his illustrations which I then "repinned" onto my Classic Illustration Board. When you find an image you like on Pinterest, you can also find great people to follow that are pinning the same type of images as you. You can view their boards and then choose to only follow specific boards if you want. You will get updates from people you follow whenever they update their boards. I hope this is a good brief explanation. Please post questions below.

If you are already on Pinterest and collect similar images to me or know of someone's boards that are great to follow, tell me below in the comments!

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Julie Thorup said...

Yay! I love Pinterest for so many reasons! I have really enjoyed following you and seeing all the awesome art that you've discovered. I alos love pinterest because I think it's very motivating, not only in the artistic sense, but in the house-keeping and cooking sense. I think I've become a better Mom, and housewife since I joined. And yes, It's a happy thing that I can save all kinds of reference material on pinterest rather than the huge folders of reference that used to take up my computer. In fact. I think maybe I'll go clean out some old reference folders right now! Yay!