Thursday, July 26, 2012

Story Boarding

I am reading a fabulous book called "The Imagineering Workout: Exercises to Shape Your Creative Muscles" by the Disney Imagineers (The people who plan rides for Disney Parks). I am reading it little bits at a time, because it is a collection of creative exercises to get your brain going with whatever creative project you are working on. So this is my first exercise that is suggested near the front of the book. Storyboarding with note cards. Brilliant!! When I read this, it was such a fabulous idea that I compulsively went straight to the store and bought myself a huge cork board to hang over my drawing desk. Story boarding with note cards- what a great idea! You can move things around, insert new things, see if the story is flowing. All so easily. This is how the Imagineers start brainstorming sessions to capture their first thoughts, ideas and images.

Today I've been working on a story for my own first ebook. What a great way to work out kinks in my story. This ebook is going to be a wordless picture book, but I can see myself using this method in the initial stages of writing any children's book since I am  a visual thinker. All the notecards do not necessarily have to represent a page in your book and you don't have to lay out your illustration in the composition you want. Just start coming up with sloppy images that show the sequence of your story. It's amazing what you can come up with! If you want to work on your own creative projects (which you should) I would highly recommend this book "The Imagineering Workout."

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