Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On Brain Burps

Hi My friends! As I have been racing to my deadline, I have run out of time to run to the library for audiobooks (both the libraries I go to our not very close) and instead have turned to podcasts as my background noise for the time being. I have enjoyed listening to different podcasts about art (by animators and comic illustrators) and even one about Disneyland (yes, I will be visiting that magical place soon with my fam!!!). But I really wanted to find a podcast about my industry- children's book writing and illustrating. I found it after a search on itunes, and it's called Brain Burps about Books. It's been around for a while, but... I'm slow.

The podcast is hosted by Katie Davis who is an author and an illustrator. She interviews lots of authors and illustrators and talks about things that are going on in the industry. I just listened to a podcast on how to promote your book and got some wonderful ideas jumping around in my head for my idea book- Oh yes, the ideas have started and won't stop coming in my idea book! I have also learned a ton about the dos and don'ts in social media. The thing I really like about Katie's podcast is that she always talks about reciprocity- or in other words, giving back and helping others in the industry and promoting others around you. She is always saying when you toot another person's horn, you are also promoting your own work, but giving while you do it. I would like to do more of that on my blog.

On Katie's website she also sells some great products that I want to check out such as an ebook on how to promote your children's book and videos on social media and dummy books. Go check out the podcast and enjoy!



Great recommendation, I'll have to check it out. I'm also a fan of Just One More Book, it interviews authors and illustrators from a parent/book lover's POV. Hope to see you guys soon and that you're not buried too deep in art.

Joanne Roberts said...

I attended a workshop held by Katie some time ago. It was excellent! I still use many of the tips she taught us about marketing, though sometimes I have to rework it for a new media site. I recommend whatever she is touting. I'll have to check out her podcast. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Shawna, for posting this! I saw the link in my blog stats and wondered who you were! And just by posting my podcast badge, you showed a little reciprocity love yourself!

And Joanne, I'm SO happy you wrote that and that I helped you! Actually, if you have time, I'd love to get a little blurb recommendation from you if you would be so kind. I'm starting to offer marketing consultations and could use all the good reviews!

In any case, thank you - and David, Just One More Book was AWESOME. Sad they're not doing it anymore!