Wednesday, February 01, 2012

3x3 Directory 2012!

I received my copy of 3x3's Directory 12 yesterday! I'm was excited to be intived to be a part of this directory as it is a by invitation only illustration directory. There will be an online version soon, I think...

I've been thinking about my blogging lately. It seems like in earlier years, I wrote more posts that showed my process or sketches and I did more posts with helpful hints for other illustrators. I have not been as good at blogging lately. I think this is because I have a lot less time for personal projects as my time has been filled up with more and more client projects. This is good for the fact that I need to help support our family. It seems like I am able to do my best artwork, thinking and blogging when I have a little more time for personal projects. But I won't complain, because I'm thankful for the work I have been getting. And I will make an effort to do better blogging in the future!

I also want to apologize to some people who have emailed me about illustrating their projects. It seems like with the option of Self-Publishing being a lot more accessible, many more people are trying to go that route and find their own illustrator. Sadly, quite a few people have emailed me about illustrating their self published projects, and I haven't even written them back. I am sorry for that. I am not trying to be rude! It's just that this year I have been swamped with so many deadlines from publishers, it is hard for me to finish my projects, take care of my family/church/community responsibilities and have time to answer everybody's emails. So I hope no one takes it personally. I will do my best to answer emails when I get the chance! And I wish I could help everyone with their personal projects, but I need to take the jobs I get from publishers to support my family.

I also enjoy getting emails from other illustrators or students who have questions, and I will answer those as best I can if I am not too swamped. I appreciate all the support I get for my artwork. Cheers to all!

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