Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Giving Tree- Hepsiba's Hideout!

Sorry for the long absence! It's been a crazy few months! In October I finished up two big illustration projects. I started teaching a children's art class out of my home. You can see my children's art class blog here! I also participated in The Giving Tree Project. A boy named Isy is selling the trees to benefit an organization called Reach out and Read. I am finishing mine VERY late, but I hope that it can still get to Isy on time for his Bar Mitzvah! My tree is called- "Hepsiba's Hideout."

Doing this project made me realize a couple of things. First of all that I can still paint with acrylics. Second of all that I am glad that I usually don't paint with acrylics! I did have a fun time, but painting with acrylics takes so much time. Where's my layers pallettes? Where's my control+Z? Where's my textured brushes? Plus there was so much prep time every time I painted and I ran out of orange and there were no stores nearby that carried the kind I needed. Yes, this has really made me realized that I am very glad to be painting digitally now!

One other thing that I didn't anticipate in doing this project is how much time it takes to paint everything four times since it was three dimensional. I ended up eliminating a lot of details that I wanted to put in because of the time it took to do everything. But it was a fun project and I'm glad I participated!


Virginia Allyn said...

Well, that tree is pretty darn brilliant. Very clever. Love it.

Bethany and Thomas said...

What a cool project! I love the cute, fat witch. I hope it was worth all the work, and yay for technology! I'm glad you can paint digitally and save so much time.