Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Website!!

Well, I finally did it! I made my very own wix website. I loved the website that Warren made for me, but there were a few problems with it. He was never able to finish it, the site was too big, and I felt like a lot of the website images were getting old. So my friends Samantha and Manelle made fabulous websites using (go check theirs out, they are great!). If you don't have your own website, you need to go check wix out. You can make great websites with their templates, or start from scratch, but it is all very easy. You just drag and drop everything- no programing involved. You can make a free website, or you can pay a small amount to send it to your own domain name. I feel my new website has all the elements I've always wanted in a website, which is great! Plus it is easy for me to change and update it myself, which I love!

So here's the deal. Many of you who read my blog have seen many of my illustrations, and a lot of you are illustrators/artists yourself. So it would be great if you could go to my new website and give me an honest critique and tell me where it might need improvements- my portfolio or just the website in general. Leave your comments here or there is a place for comments on the website!

I'm very very excited to add some of my illustrations from the book I recently finished, The Truth About Ogres. They will be a great addition to my portfolio! Coming soon!


Jennifer said...

Ok, I love this. Your other website was pretty cool animated, but this is awesome as well and I LOVE the little girl riding the horse with your simple background. Very creative!

Manelle said...

That looks great!! Now I want to go redo mine so it looks better. :)