Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here's another musical sketch. I decided to add a little prisma color in with this one. At one time, Prisma Color and charcoal were my two main mediums of choice. Funny. I had to dust off the old set o' Prisma Colors, it hasn't been used for so long! This guy was another one of my sketches from my sister's Folk music concert. This guy was in the Jewish music band...I know there is another name for Jewish music, but I can't think of it at the moment. I liked his big nose and body shape. He was also wearing all black, so I thought I would take the challenge and see if I could make it work with a black clarinet. I don't think I was completely successful. :)

Fun news, I will soon be joining The Doodle Diner blog. I'm excited to get to know this fun bunch of illustrators! Well, better get back to work- In the next couple weeks I have a 32 page book to sketch out and a magazine article to paint. . .and two little ones to take care of. :)

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TheIcePixy said...

When I read stuff like that I wonder if maybe it's actually a blessing that I don't have any actual work to do when it comes to my art, because with my two kids I haven't really managed to do anything else. I would be in trouble if that many people depended on me. You're my hero.