Friday, June 20, 2008

Trying out the computer

So don't look to hard at this painting, I did it from sketch to finish in about 2 hours. But I am posting it because I wanted to show how I've started to explore painting with Photoshop. I am so behind the times here and only have done traditional painting. My friend Manelle showed me a few cool techniques to try out. I decided to make my daughter's birthday invitation trying some of the things Manelle taught me. So here is what I came up with. I wrote the words inside the sea shell. I could have done a lot more details on the drawing, but who wants to spend that much time on a birthday invitation? I didn't spend a ton of time on the painting and probably could have done a lot better- I didn't even finish shading her skin. I just left the sketch in the painting. And I used a couple of cheesy texture brushes like a star brush. But hey, it was an experiment.

It takes so much less time to paint on the computer. No washing out brushes and mixing colors. And if you make a mistake, you just go back in the history. I want to paint my current jobs on the computer, but I'm thinking I should probaby get a little more experience on the computer before attempting that. :)


roz said...

I'm transitioning to the computer as well, Shawna. Enjoy! And this is a nice first piece. You are going to learn so much with each piece you create, that has been my experience anyway.


Manelle said...

Not bad, for the first one. You should some of my first computer stuff its crazy. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Ashley Smith said...

for some great brushes try the free downloads of the Nagel Brush Series (google it). They are awesome!

Jensen said...

You are an incredible artist! I am so impressed! I hope you know how amazing you are! What a great gift you have to share.

I'm sorry to hear about the car crash! Those 1st one are always tramatic!


TheIcePixy said...

I think it's pretty dang good for a first computer attempt! I'm not very good at painting on the computer, mainly because I don't practice, and haven't tried much, but that's mainly because I'm lazy and prefer just using photoshop to mess around with photos. But still, you inspire me . . . Maybe I'll try some real painting in photoshop one of these days.

Ale said...

Hello Shawna!!! I´m your fan. I look you´re illustrations in the Liahona every month. I hope you come in my blog.

Excuseme please for my bad english...jijii!

Many hugs from Guatemala!!!