Monday, April 14, 2008

Calling for help from ALL ARTISTS!!

I posted this on the CBBFI blog, but in order to spread the word as widely as possible, I am posting this on my personal blog. Please feel free to copy and paste this post in your blog to spread the word as quickly and as widely as possible. We need help from all artists in the United States.

I have changed my original post, because in my panic to spread the word, I passed on a few things that were incorrect. But I still feel strongly that this is an important issue for all artists to be informed about.

A Bill is about to come out called The Orphaned works Bill 2008. We do not yet know exactly what this bill will say, but word is that it will be very similar to the 2006 bill which you can view here.

This is very important. Every artist needs to know about this and educate themselves. Please pass this on to any artist or anyone who works in a creative field. When it comes out, we will need help from every single artist to fight against this. Please help artists protect their livelihood! To stay updated, email, and ask to be part of the email list. There will be updates about the bill on website.

I Highly recommend you listen to an interview with Illustrator Brad Holland.

Or read an article on this bill.

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TheIcePixy said...

Thanks for passing this on. I'm impressed, you're now a lot more informed about it than I was. I should probably repost what you said since it's a little more accurate than my original post.