Sunday, April 13, 2008

Book binding

I took a book binding class in college, so I enjoy making books every once in a while. Yes, I know, now you want to be my friend. Anyway, in helping my dear hubby graduate, I helped him make a mini portfolio. It turns out, he wants to make another more simple one. Long story. So anyway, I'm just going to keep this one for my self. . . to use for something. Any ideas?

It's a clam shell box. It looks a lot nicer than this in real life- dark black.

This is a really bad picture. It actually look quite nice. . .I promise. Here is the inside with the little portfolio. The book is dark black and the inside paper is black with shiny sparkely things- looks kind of like asphalt. It is made to hold 5 x 8 pages with 5 x 7 images, so it's quite small. There are posts so you can change the images.

Here is my portfolio that I redid for the Children's Literature Conference. I used a sponge and painted the outside of the clamshell box (it was ugly and stained). I made this portfolio back in my Junior year at BYU.

Here's the inside of the clamshell with the portfolio. This one is bigger- holds 8 1/2 x 12 pages with 8 1/2 x 11 images.

Here is a little close up of the "S" I painted on the front. I looked at illuminated manuscript letters for my inspiration. I used gold paint which looks like gold leafing. I mainly did this to cover up an old ugly logo I had on there from my college days. Recycle and reuse! Letter "S" illustration ©2008 Shawna JC Tenney.

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Julie in the studio said...

I just loved the clam shell portfolio you had at the conference. Would you teach be the basic idea behind making one? This is not a rhetorical question. AND, I have the solution to your non-horse riding past. We must talk.