Sunday, February 24, 2008

I've been tagged

Well, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. Yes indeed, I have been tagged. So here are 5 random things about me. Don't laugh- artists are supposed to be free spirits!

1. Once upon a time, I was actually seriously thinking about going into modeling. I was somehow convinced I needed to spend my life savings on a class. I actually had a great time. I however made a change of plans when I realized that to be a model 1. You have to be totally stuck on yourself, and 2. You actually have to have money to buy things like designer clothes and expensive photography to promote yourself and 3. You have to like food a little less than I do. Anyway, here's my head shot to prove my story. I can also know how to runway walk, but you're never going to see that.

2. My life's goal is to someday ride a horse. Sadly, I have never had a horse ride. True story.

3. I still sleep with my baby blanket. At this point, you are probably peeing your pants, but that's your problem. As you can see, Blonks Blanks is very faded and it's padding is all lumped together. I used to sleep with my two dolls until I had some real live dolls of my own. I guess that cured my weirdness. My dolls (the ones made out of plastic and cloth) live next to the bed now.

I love to collect puppets. Here's a sketch of one of my favorites named Griselda. Sometimes my puppets help my kids do tasks that they otherwise would be unwilling to do. Hey, you have to do what it takes.

I am a complete geek and I happen to love classical music, especially movie soundtracks. Although I have many favorites, my favorite movie composer of all time is John Williams. I want to meet that guy someday. The closest I ever got was getting to watch one of his rehearsals.


glorifiedg said...

Okay, I guess nobody told you you would be tested on this, but now it's time for the "How well do you know Shawna" pop quiz.

Remember you can't look back at the post for the answers to this test. That's cheating. Anyway if you do, you're pathetic because this is hands down the easiest test you will ever take.

Feel free to post your answers, (but you'll find the CORRECT (judgmental pause) answers at the end of this comment.


What is the name of Shawna's blanket?

a) Blonks Blanks
b) Blinkin' Blanks
c) Blankety Blank
d) Earl Daily

2. What is one of Shawna's ambitions unfulfilled?

a) To be a horse
b) To ride a horse
c) To eat a horse
d) To date a horse jockey

3. Who is Shawna's favorite composer?

a) John Williams
b) Robin Williams
c) William Williams
d) Linus Van Pelt

4. What does Shawna collect?

a) snippets
b) hobbits
c) puppets
d) hermits

5. What career was Shawna once looking into?

a) fiddling
b) whittling
c) modeling
d) meddling

Time's up! Put your pencils down and pass your paper to your neighbor.

The answers are as follows:
B (or maybe D, but only a spouse would suspect that.)
C (meddling has always been just a hobby)

julie crews said...

I am not sur I know 5 people.

Jay said...

warren is funny

Jennifer said...

You're modeling picture is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Shawna first of all I have to say I sleep with my baby blanket too. I used to be embarrassed about it until I had some roommates that had theirs. Any way. I have been tagged and I was totally going to tag you but now I can't. rude. I'll have to tell that Jenifer T. a thing or two. J/K.

remorji said...

when will we get a new post?, we miss you!

Shawna said...

Remorji, thanks! It's great to know people like my blog! I have three paintings that are almost done, which I will post soon. I have to take them to my critique group first.:)