Wednesday, November 07, 2007

IF: Hats

Here's a little spot I made for my new website. I was trying to finish it for last week's IF, "Trick-or-Treat," but it works for "Hats" also. This is supposed to be the evil queen from Snow White, discuised as an old lady. She was so vain that she couldn't leave her make-up, curly dyed hair and silks behind. Sometimes I think I am so dang funny, but I'm probably the only one laughing. While I was painting this, I was thinking about how much I love melodramatic "bad guys."

I also really enjoyed trying to make the silk look like silk and trying to make the wrinkles look convincing. I think I learn a lot every time I do a new painting. I found this fabulous book that has helped me out called Drawing People, How to Portray the Clothed Figure. It's great because it explains all the different types of folds, and how clothing hangs in different situations and types of clothing. Highly recommended! Another book I recently got that has helped me with color schemes is The Complete Color Harmony Workbook.


delaverobum said...

Thank for your comment. Your illo is very nice! great stile and color! Really good work.

Manelle said...

I love this. I really like how you used the twirly swirlys in her hair and and hat. This is a great character. I will have to look at that book about drawing the clothed figure. It sounds really helpful. Maybe you could bring it to the critique. By the way I really loved reading your Robert's Snow interview.

Kstyles said...

Great illo! Love the colors! I like the shape of her nose too! Hehehe!