Friday, April 13, 2007

Moses and the Fiery Serpent

Here is a sample I made for my rep who is looking for more religious samples. It is Moses holding up the fiery serpent on a pole (Num 21:8). There was probably no serpent slithering around Moses at the time, but I liked it for design purposes. I would love any critiques!


Manelle said...

fairy tale nerds illustrators club? I am so in. Want to be president?

I really like this illustration. The texture in really cool and I like the composition, like how the serpent breaks out the top and how moses' beard overlaps the ties. The tallness (for lack of a better word) of the illustration and the cool angles make it really fun to look at.

glorifiedg said...

Snakes are soooo cool. Nice picture. I like the nice dynamic quality it posesses.

Jeff Brame said...

Love the color and texture. Especially like the look in his eyes. Excellent illo.