Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Video of My Studio

So I've never uploaded a video onto Google Video before, but I'm giving it a try. This is a video I took back in October for a little presentation I did in Warren's illustration class at school. It's a video of our little "studio" here in our condo. This is where both Warren and I work and most of the time the whole family is in here. Click here to see the video. It was taken on our digital camera so there's lots of pixels. Sorry about that! Enjoy!


julie crews said...

Hi Shawna! I like the new little picture for your profile on the blog. And I watched your video of the studio. Wow. I wish I could video mine and send it to you. (mine is in my bedroom in married student housing, to give you an idea.)
One day Shawna, we'll have a big fancy life and a big fancy studio and a big fancy car to take all of our big fancy children to thier big fancy plays and track meets and football games (heaven forbid)and a bunch of big fancy problems and meetings to attend and then we'll find that our big fancy plans to draw more big fancy pictures than ever before, will go down the big fancy drain.
Oh, please excuse my less than cheery outlook, as it is not really the one I hold. Let's enjoy out little cramped spaces. Life is good! (so you know, I don't chase big fancy dreams, just modest ones with really big pay backs.)
Listen, I don't know if you have considered staying overnight down at UVSC, but I have reserved a hotel room at Hampton, if you want to think about rooming with me...
Last year I had a nursing baby, so that was not a possibility for me, but this year I plan on enjoying a little break.
Talk to you later.
(oh, and thanks for the comment on the sprout drawing.)

*Shawna said...

Hooray for small cramped spaces!!!

glorifiedg said...

That’s quite a studio!
It looks a lot like mine, only without the puppies.
And Hey! Look! You’ve got a new fan!
Hey, sometime let’s get together and we’ll push our studios together and compare.

Alisa said...

Hi Shawna!

It's been a long time since we sat next to each other in the studio at school. It is so fun to see your recent stuff. I really like the little leprechaun below; he looks so springy! Glad I found your blog; keep posting. :)

-Alisa Gordon