Saturday, February 03, 2007

My new friend Mr. Leprechaun

Hi All, this is my new friend Mr. Leprechaun. Janet, my agent, asked me for a sample of a Leprechaun so here he is. He makes me happy!

All has been well here. It feels really good to not have any tight deadlines right now. It have been nice to breathe a little and enjoy life before the next deadlines come along. I've been keeping busy, though. I've been working on an ad for Picture Book 2007. I have also written my story and had it critiqued by a couple of writers who have given me some good suggestions. I've been trying to finish up the thumbnails for the entire layout of the book. I'm getting really excited about this book! I won't tell anything until later about the story or what the book is called. . . it will all be a surprise! And of course the kids have been keeping me busy.


Jess B said...

Kids keep you busy?? What?! LOL! I know that feeling all too well. Your leprachaun guy is pretty cute! Can't wait to hear more about the book, either.

glorifiedg said...

I got a hankerin' for some lucky charms just now. What say we mosey on down to the (insert lame hick lingo for 'kitchen' here) and rustle up some.

glorifiedg said...

You're Welcome and Happy Valentine's day to you too.