Monday, February 26, 2007

A Couple of "Friendly" Spots

Hey hey hey! So here are a couple of spots I did for The Friend Magazine. They'll show up in June. The one with the little girl holding a basket of garden vegetables made me really long for summer. Eating fruits and vegetables straight from the garden is one of my favorite things about summer. Going on walks and bike rides and playing at the park are some other favorite things I enjoy. This winter has been way to long, cold and gray. I love spring, summer and fall. I get depressed before winter, just knowing it is coming. I do not like winter!!! I really don't like being stuck inside all day, especially when I have no car (we only have one to share between us). I guess having winter does make me appreciate the other seasons more. Hooray for the garden vegetables of summer!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing your pages in the Friend! They are always the cutest pictures! I am excited to see these in June!


julie crews said...

Don't worry Shawna. You'll have the car tonight and we can talk about everything not pertaining to winter.

glorifiedg said...

What is this "garden" you speak of? And where do you keep it? in the laundry room or on the patio?