Saturday, January 06, 2007

Oliver and the Bablings of my brain

First, just let me tell you that these are some of the final interiors for Oliver Twist (I decided not to post all of them). I was told that I had the pictures too dark on Treasure Island, which I totally agree with. So I tried to do these a lot lighter. Apparently, they are going to have to lighten my pictures up quite a bit on Treasure Island because they are going to be printed on that cheap recycled paper stuff which will make things a lot darker anyway.

Anyway, greetings to all three of you who look at my blog. If you are unfortunate enough to read this, you will find many things you probably don't want to read about. Many bablings about this thing I call being an illustrator mommy which I just need to get off my chest. First of all, I just wanted to say that there is no way that I could make it through these projects, especially at this time of year without Warrens help and of course much help from the Lord. Fortunately, Warren has been home for Christmas break for most of the time I've been working on the finals for these projects which is the only way I have been able to meet (or almost meet) these deadlines. He has taken care of the kids, gone shopping and even helped me transfer my drawings. On Thursday I went to my mom's house for a few hours and over to the Library for a few hours to draw and came home to feed Madeline every few hours. Warren watched the girls while I was gone. This helped me out tremedously and spared everyone of a panick attack! It helped to get away from the house and the crying kids. Thank you Warren!

Whilst I was at the library, I had much comic relief because I just happened to sit next to the Young Adult section where there are beanbag chairs (so teenagers tend to congregate there). First of all a group of teenage girls came and talked about boys and complained about their "female problems". Then a group of guys came and talked about puking and what special video game powers they would have if they could have one. I just had to laugh because these subjects as just so typical for teenagers and it reminded me how different girls and boys are. It took me back a few years. It also made me think of how different my life is now and how sheltered it is staying home all day with little girls, which is a good thing in a lot of ways. When you are a mom, the world is not centered around you anymore, it's centered around your family.

Even though I was glad to get away from the house for a little while and just be able to concentrate on finishing my pictures, I was also missing Cassidy and Madeline when I heard the little children at the library. I kept wishing they were there with me just reading books and having fun. This project has been very difficult for me to finish with my determined two year old and needy baby. I need to not take on as much and just decide what I want to do for the next little while with my career , because this has just been really hard! I need to work right now, but I need to figure out how to work less. So to all of you who think I am a super-mom illustrator, it's not true!

When I finish this project, I have promised my family one incredibly fun trip to the Children's Museum. Just one more week and lots of prayer to go!


Momma Boz said...

Certainly there MUST be more than 3 people that read this blog? I've enjoyed looking at all the pix, even if I don't sign in all the time.

*Shawna said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks, I'm glad you come here!

Luscious Lemmon said...

Shawna, I just love your drawings, but then again I always have. You've always been such a wonderful example to me growing up and we were one pair of nerds (ah good times). Good Luck in your work and family. Your little girls are so beatiful!
(if your wondering about my blogger name...I don't know why, people at work just nicknamed me that)

aroop said...

this one is too good..the illustration has got a very retro feel to it, maybe cause its in black and white..but it has ability to evoke nostaligia..kinda reminds me of the books i used to read in my childhood