Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oliver Twist Sketches

Sorry to put more sketches on, but that's all I've been doing lately. I thought I would just post some sketches from Oliver Twist. I haven't gotten any approvals on finals yet for these or Treasure Island. I've just been sketching all of my readers. I have one more reader scheduled to sketch after this. These are just 4 of the 6 sketches. I didn't really get to illustrate any of the exciting characters like Fagin or The Artful Dodger because this is an elementary school reader. I guess it makes it easier that way. More soon! (all images on this sight © Shawna J.C. Tenney all rights reserved).

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Emily's Imagination said...

Nice sketches Shawna!! Thank you for dropping me a note. It is so nice to hear from you and see your recent work! (art and family :) )