Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Live Without Regret

Here's the final of the spread I've been working on for The Friend Magazine. The article is entitled "Live Without Regret." The colors didn't come out too well when I scanned this in. I don't think my scanner likes the blue I used. It's more blue green. I got up at 4:30 this morning to finish it and my so did the whole family! Cassidy thought it was time to get up so she woke up Madeline too. Ah well! We don't have much peace and quiet around here, but who could resist two adorable little girls?!


Diana said...

I remember the days when I woke up at the crack of dawn. In psychology we are talking about sleep and how teenager's circadian rhythms are set later than young children. We learned how school should start later because our brains aren't full functioning yet when school starts.

*Shawna said...

Yeah, I'm a night person. My brain doesn't function early in the morning either.