Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Treasure Island

Here is a black and white sample I did of a classic story, Treasure Island. I made this for a job I may get of a classic story. Hope they like my sample!


~Julie said...

Hi Shawna!

I love this picture! It's so cool!
I actually just barely set up an account here a few weeks ago because my brother in law is on a mission and he has started a mission blog. Anyway, I'm so excited! Heather said you are coming to her party! It will be so fun!

~Julie Rebecca Buhler Thorup

Stephen Aitken said...

Very nice illo Shawna! Hope you get to be one of the approved artists with SRA McGraw.

Thanks for the kind words from my blog. Nice to know that once and awhile somebody reads it (it is seriously in need of an update).
Janet is a great rep and I'm pleased with the way that things are working out.
Nice to be with you on Storybookarts.

Alexiev said...

Very simpatic...

Diana said...

yay! I like this one. I think it's so cool that you get to draw pirates. I want to live on a pirate ship. I especially like the shadow in it. So pretty much I'm commenting on your blog spot and I should get a gold star!

Love ya!