Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Allie's Bike

A little while ago Janet sent me my copies of my reader "Allie's Bike." This was actually the second reader I illustrated, but the first reader I got my copies for. The first book I illustrated is called "The Bushy Tail Caper." Here's a little picture of me with my two girls and a copy of the book!

To be perfectly honest, I was quite dissappointed with the outcome. Because this job was "work for hire," the company was free to make any changes they wanted to. . .and they did. They squashed Allie's helmet down on her head, took things out, changed her shirt color on some pictures etc. I wish they would have told me what to fix at the sketch stage if they didn't like it! I also found out that the book is selling from $12-$19! UNBELIEVABLE!!! And I get NO royalties or anything from that. Oh well, I guess when your just starting out, no job is a bad job. It got me more portfolio work, and more exposure I guess.


~Julie said...

Your little girls are so adorable!
Also, that's cool that you have books out there with your name on them. That would be so cool! I hope someday I can say the same. It's too bad they changed so many things. But I still think you're an inspiration!

D&M said...

I looked up "Allie's Bike" on, and there it was! How cool! I love getting The Friend every month and looking for any of your illustrations.

Hey, sounds like life at your house is a lot like life at our house, with a toddler and baby/babies...

See ya, Marilee