Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New Illustrations for The Friend

Here are a couple of illustrations I just finished for "The Friend" Magazine. It is for an story called "Milk Money" which will come out in the July 2006 issue. (Please remember that all the my illustrations are copywrited by me, so please don't copy them). I think I am learning how to illustrate little boys better. I have always had trouble with boys for some reason. It is fun to look back on the illustrations that I have done and see how much I improve every time. I have a lot farther to go!! Just like anything else you want to be good at, you have to practice! I am going to try and create some black and white samples in charcoal for my portfolio next, while I am waiting for jobs. It is something I was inspired to do at the SCBWI conference I recently went to at UVSC. We'll see how those turn out!

In other new, the weather has been really nice here (finally!!!). I have had the windows open all day enjoying the fresh breeze. It has been very rejuvinating to my spirits! I think we will go on a picnic tonight. Maybe we can take Cassidy to see some ducks (quack! quack!) That's all for now!

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